Evaluation Questionnaire

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    1.How did you get in touch with us?

    2.What is your assessment of our office?

    3.What is your assessment of the personal interaction with the lawyer?

    4.What is your assessment of the way we handled your questions / requests / comments?

    5.What is your assessment of the lawfirm’s approachability by telephone?

    6.How do you assess the way we took care of your privacy?

    7.How do you assess the way the lawyer handled your case?

    8.How would you rank the way our lawfirm handled your case, in marks ranging from 1 to 10?

    9.Do you have any additional comments or remarks?

    10.Would you be willing to write a review about us / our lawfirm for our website?
    If so, kindly mention how you would like to be mentioned on the website.