A. Alam-Khan LLM is a practizing lawyer since 1999.

She studied law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (Administrative and International Law) and has worked from 1999 to mid-2000 in Leiden, thereafter from 2000 to 2013 in Hoofddorp, in last 5 years as a partner (in partnership). 

From 1st January 2014 she has her own lawfirm in Delft.

She is specialized in Family Law, Immigration Law and Social Security Law. For example, the following issues:


  •  divorce;
  •  permission for marriage;
  •  visiting right and/or the main resident;
  •  settlement of parenting plan and parental resonsibilities;
  •  drafting divorce settlement;
  •  settlement of prenuptial agreements;
  •  division of property agreements;
  •  alimony;
  •  formal name change;
  •  denial and / or establishing paternity;
  •  guardianship or custody;
  •  authority issues;
  •  settling agreements on substitute consent;
  •  the sanction under surveillance;
  •  dividing pensions;
  •  naturalization;
  •  majority statement;


  •  all kinds of social benefits (WWB, WW, ZW, AOW,  WAJONG, WIA, WAO, AWBZ, PGB, surcharges, settlement  of  pension/retirement, etc);
  •  appeal in WSNP;


  •  legal affairs for non-nationals/immigrants (family  reunification, short-stay  visa, residence permit, etc);
  •  arrest and custody of non-nationals (e.g. illegal  immigrants);
  •  application 8 EHRM;

  •  evacuation;
  • wages claim;

The lawyer speaks Dutch, English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi so you can choose the language at your convenience to discuss and mutually analyse your situation.