In the first session, opportunities, approach and costs will be explained and discussed. She will also assess whether you’d be eligible for legal aid (pro bono) via the Legal Aid Board/Raad voor Rechtsbijstand.(www.rvr.org)

If, due to limited income, you’d be eligible for legal aid, the government sponsors to a large extent the cost of the lawyer.

For your information: Upon receipt of the application for legal aid, the Legal Aid Board will seek advise of the National Tax Administration and the Municipality , to assess if your income and assets do not rise above the prescribed limits. The Council’s reference is the level of income and the assets as available two years before the application (the Reference year). Based on the data provided by the National Tax Office and Municipality, the Council formulates its decision. You, as client, are imposed a contribution which you have to pay to the lawyer.

If you are not eligible for financial support for legal assistance, you need to cover the costs for lawyer’s support yourself  in full. The payment can be arranged as per hourly tariff  or per complete process.