Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Law office Alam-Khan

Section 1. General

1. The general conditions stated herein are applicable to all services provided by Law office Alam-Khan, hereinafter to be referred to as “Alam-Khan”.
2. Alam-Khan is a private one man company that complies with the conditions prescribed by the Netherlands Bar Association (Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten) sets to such companies.
3. These general conditions apply to the company’s associates as well as to those employed by Alam-Khan.


Section 2. Advanced payment

1. Alam-Khan will commence or resume its activities after the prospective client, provides security by means of paying in advance. The amount of the advance will be determined by Alam-Khan as deemed reasonable. This depends on, among other things, costs such as court fees, bailiff costs, travelling expenses, costs relating to excerpts and translation costs.

Section 3. Fees

1. Unless the parties explicitly agree otherwise or if the nature of the commission so dictates, the fee is determined based on the amount of time spent on the commission and the relevant hourly rate.

2. The applied hourly rate is determined, firstly, by a base hourly rate which Alam-Khan will set periodically. This rate is then multiplied by a factor depending on the level of experience and the speciality of the person actually carrying out the commission, as well as the financial interest of the case and degree of urgency involved.

3. Unless Alam-Khan and the client explicitly agree otherwise, Alam-Khan is authorized to adjust the aforementioned base hourly rate, even during the time of the commission.

Section 4. Payments

1. The term of payment of expense accounts, except in the case of a written agreement to the contrary, is fourteen days from the date of the account. In case of non-payment within the limits of this term, the client is legally in default. Alam-Khan is then legally entitled to charge interest, to a rate legally applicable, as well as all costs made to collect the accounts, both at law and in equity.
2. In case of non-payment within the stated term Alam-Khan is entitled, after due notification to the client, to suspend its activities on behalf of the client in question until the account is fully settled. Alam-Khan accepts no liability for any damage that may arise from the suspension of its activities.

Section 5. Liability

1. If during the execution of a client’s commission an incident should occur leading to liability, this liability will be limited to the payment of its professional liability insurance, including the excess amount Alam-Khan bears in this insurance. Incidents as referred to above include cases of negligence.
2. When involving a third party, Alam-Khan will, if this is reasonably possible, consult the client in advance. In any case Alam-Khan will exercise due care in selecting third parties. Alam-Khan bears no liability for any deficiencies arising from a third party. The client agrees that Alam-Khan can on his behalf accept conditions of limited liability by third parties.

Section 6. Applicable law

1. Exclusively Dutch law is applicable to all agreements with Alam-Khan.

Section 7. Disputes

1. The parties consent to jurisdiction in The Netherlands and acknowledge that the court in The Hague, The Netherlands, will have exclusive jurisdiction over any issues, arising from this agreement.